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Ok so tonight I got bored and was pissed off from work and well I started to oc my computer again and everytime I had run cpu-z in the past and under memory it always had my divider set to 5:4. And tonight I finally found out where I change the divider at..It was under memory frequency or something of that nature. The two choices were 266mhz and 333mhz well I always put it on 333mhz due to me having PC2700 333mhz memory...so now that I have figured this part out...what is it better to have set on when I am trying to get the max oc out of my proc. I would believe the 5:4 over 1:1...I just found it strange that when its set to 266 that is 1:1 When I don't have the cpu oc'd I take it, that it is better to have the divider set to 1:1?? Am I getting this right or totally wrong

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