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Cheap Ecs Mb/cpu


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I bought some Frys specials combos back in late 2003 or early 2004. I have 4 or 6 of them and there still folding in there cheap cases with 256mb of PC2700, heres a Athlon 2200+ that I do not think I ever formated or anything. I noticed several others that have folded around 250 W.U.

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No idea how long this PC been around 2 or 3 years anyway ..

just some cheapo AMD 2500+


[05:18:26] + Attempting to send results

[05:18:34] + Results successfully sent

[05:18:34] Thank you for your contribution to Folding@home.

[05:18:34] + Number of Units Completed: 606

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I just had a pretty bad ECS mobo experience. I picked up a 661FX-M7 to use with my P4 Prescott, and, to make a long story short, it drove me up the wall crazy.


I spent two days tring to get it to pool dmi data, ultimately meeting with failure. Why? Oh, turns out that the bios firmware version that shipped with the board was not recent enough to support the cpu.


Despite the fact that I told the so-called email support people that I was running a prescott, nobody batted an eye until I asked them about the firmware compatibility for a second time. Two days of wasted tinkering and frustration were the result.


There was actually an exchange that was something like this:

"I can't boot. Is the P4 630 supported by firmware v1.0?"


"So I'm out of luck?"

"Flash the BIOS to v1.1"

"But I cannot even boot the system!"



It was also evident that the supportniks weren't really reading my e-mails. From the get-go, I complained of never once being able to boot the mobo from the day it was received. Nevertheless I got several "you may have to reinstall the OS" e-mails. Um, hello! Idiots! If the machine has never once booted, how am I supposed to reinstall?


In another thread I said I might defenestrate this useless PoS mobo. For better or for worse, I have changed my mind and will actually be shipping it back to NewEgg.


The whole debacle just made me want to get an Intel mobo, say "eff this" to overclocking, and just enjoy the big blue stability.




On the bright side, though, two of my machines are pumping out >175 ppd/GHz now. w00t! Gotta love the 364 point WUs.






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