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Dying Connection

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I'm using a cable connection.


My problem... Every 30 minutes to 90 minutes my connection drops and the only way to fix it is to unplug the modem and plug it back in (Electric, not Ethernet).


What I've tried...


I've tried 2 different cable jacks in the house.

2 Different Ethernet Cables

3 Different NICs (2 onboard, 1 PCI) With latest drivers

No Spyware

No viruses

With Firewall and Without Firewall

Power conservations don't matter (Sleep or no sleep)


I dunno what else to try.


Its not my house. About 6 months ago this house had cable internet with NO PROBLEMS. Now he has installed cable internet again and this problem occurs. Thats why I'm hesitant to say that its a outside issue. Could an issue like this have developed in that amount of time?


The connection runs perfectly when its working. No flaws at all. Then, out of nowhere it dies. The lights stay on on the modem and the activity light flashes like its normal. I keep my ip address but get 0 down and 0 up. It doesn't seem to be a set amount of time inbetween disconnects but the longest its gone without diconnecting is about 90 minutes.


Hopefully someone can help. Thanks

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I said that I've tired with and without the firewall. I've heard about these ZA issues. I've gotten so desperate I've totally uninstalled ZA at this point. I guess I've done everything I can do... It has to be a modem or connection problem. Thanks for the suggestions anyway...

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its modem, call your ISP get them to test, and get them to replace the modem, they will do it for free.



definitely modem. Get them to get out there and give you another one


If you have the problem where it cuts off for a few minutes them comes back on, it's probably a water buildup in your local cable amp, or a broken trunk line near you. I had the same problem with my RR, and it turns out some drunk guy had taken a hatchet to the cable trunk line down the road (thinking it was a snake tryng to eat him), so water was getting into the wire and shorting the cable out :lol:

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