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Geil Ultra <----- Need Some Info:)

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this is the memory:


Geil Ultra Dual Channel 1024MB PC4000 DDR 500MHz CL2.5 Memory (2 x 512MB)


for 138$





i was wondering if this is faster(better) then this:


Geil Dual Channel Ultra-X 1024MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL2 Memory (2 x 512MB)


for 140$


#1 is PC4k 500MHz and its cheaper then the slower PC3.2k? why?


is 0.5 i CAS matters? anyway, i'd like to know what u guys think, also here is a link where u could help me chose some cheap/nice(140$) ram:




i'll check this 2morrow:P



Thx in advance:)

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tigerdirect sucks.. i wouldn't recommend them


overclockers will swear by g.skill with that DFI board you have.



Ok I agree that tigerdirect sucks lol


a knowledgable OCer won't swear by g.skill on that dfi board. With a board like that you will get better performance with ram that loves high voltages like OCZ VX or Mushkin Redline.

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Coming from someone with 4 sticks of that exact ram, I LOVE IT. It ran at 540 mhz, 2.7 volts, 2.5-3-3-8 with no problems at all. However, if you are ever going to run 4 sticks, be prepared for a complete headache and a wall at 400 mhz, 2-3-3-6. The memory controller just can't handle 4 sticks very well at high speeds. :(



ANYWAY...since those are both 2x512 mb kits I'd get the PC4000. It will run 2-3-3-6 at 400 mhz with no problems at all. I think the SPD timings are set to that anyway. It also gives you some nice room to overclock. :)

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