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Socket 939 Oc Competition (single/dual)

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allright got this one maxed out i think without a massive vcore jump was at 1.723 i went up to 1.82 but didn't get any better this is all with a mach II

best super pi 1m




stepping ccbwe 0544

cooling mach II

tCaseMax 59

i think this is a failed dual core as i stripped it naked and the die is much bigger than a venice i had before, any body know about this??

best suicide shot




dont think i can get much more out of it but i'm quite impressed with the ram super pi @ 334 3-4-4-8 is some corsair xms4400 does anybody know if i can really pump the voltage with this stuff i belive its some infenon chips.

might try some mushkin bh5 next

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yeah CCBWE is a dual core stepping, so it's a failed Toledo core...

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