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Socket 939 Oc Competition (single/dual)

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Well... the Geil One showed up today! :D:D


I've tried out the 10x multi and made a bit more progress towards 3ghz :)


The chip ran OCCT 285x10 for 18.5 hours and still hadn't errored with a ram divider. The Geil went in today and is at 285mhz 1:1 2.5-4-4-7-1T with 2.8v and I haven't tried to tighten it yet, but I'm sure it'll run tighter. Most people seem to get 2.5-4-3-6-1T up to around 320. It's passed OCCT 30min with the new ram and 1:1 setting. The chip fails 1M at 292x10, so I don't know how much further it'll go with full stability on 10x. I might even try 9 though :P 320x9 or so on stock volts would be kinda fun :)


Here's a pic of the 30min test.


So far, my benches here have been


Dhrystone ALU 12792

Whetstone iSSE3 5779

Memory Int 7532

Memory Float 7458

SuperPI 1M 29.641s

AquaMark3 92,826

3DMark03 16,731

3DMark05 7591


An extra 650mhz on stock volts.... I'm a happy camper! This has by far been the most fun chip I've ever played with.

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3129mhz superpi... had to drop to a 166 divider to get the speed past 3070mhz...




3099mhz occt 1/2 hour



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yup, that's why there are two parts... phase 2 could be considered stable by pretty much everyone


haha more updates:


suicide @ 3220 MHz




spi1m @ 3133 MHz (and the time doesn't suck this time lol)




spi32m @ 3070 MHz



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nice goin so far... much better than the cabne pussies anyway :P @ verran/lilkev...


go get yerself SPi mod1.4 tho for more accurate times and validation ;)


btw, my swiftech rad arrived damaged... so i'm still on air... and i'm still beating EVERYone with an opteron :D


oh i have to run prime to get the 24 hours screenshot @ 3.07ghz :rolleyes:

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i'd just like to say "hey verran, you SUCK!"


cabne my butt :lol:


i know lilkev was never going for the high oc's anyway... i'll leave him be...


swifty on the other hand... what are you up to eh?

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