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Socket 939 Oc Competition (single/dual)


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update: thread re-opened for all 939 cpus!


i'm ready to go to war!!!!


come on ya cabne wimps! lets see who can get the highest clocks for each of the following:


superpi 1m

superpi 32m


"suicide" screenshot


later on we can add the following to the list:


occt torture (24 hours) (edit: ok, so no-one cares about occt torture lol)

prime95 (24 hours)


duration on those can be agreed upon later...


when i remove the ihs on this you cabne boys are in trouble definitely cos you'll need water or phase to beat me on air lol :P


let the games begin! :D


blue = 1MB cache per core: San Diego, Venus; Toledo, Denmark

green = 512K cache per core: Clawhammer, Winchester, Venice; Manchester


note: dual core cpus should run dual instances of stress-tests where applicable


Download Links:


CPU-Z: http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php

SuperPi mod: http://www.xtremesystems.com/pi/

OCCT (16-core support): http://www.ocbase.com/perestroika_en/index.php?Download

StressPrime2004: http://sp2004.fre3.com/download.htm

StressPrime2004 Orthos Edition (dual core): http://sp2004.fre3.com/beta/beta2.htm



Current results


Single core: Phase 1


SuperPi 1M:

Weee - 3580 MHz (148 CABNE 0528GPMW, MaxTCase = 65

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Here is a screenshot of 2.87ghz @ stock volts. I wont go any higher until I get better cooling.


My Super Pi times suck since I'm running a Ram divider. The only thing I care about is 24 hours of Prime 95 stability.

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Nice..... start a competition while I'm on vacation....


Yeah, trash talk me while I'm gone..... I see how it is :P


As of right now, I'm still seeing how far I can push on stock volts. I can do 9 hours of OCCT at 250x11 (2750) so far. When I left my house for work today, I was testing 255x11 (2805) and it was 15 minutes into an OCCT torture test so far, so things are looking good for at least 30 minute stability.


I have passed 1M and 4M at 275x11 (3025) on 1.5v, but I don't see myself going much over 1.45 for daily use simply because this thing runs so friggin hot.


I'm REALLY considering a water setup for this guy because I think he could get about 3200 at 1.6v, but first might be a set of geil 1.5cas since my PDP just doesn't hold up at high HTTs. :(

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Wow nrg... I can't believe you're dumping 1.595 and 1.623v into those chips on air....


This thing is too hot for my liking at 1.550v! Anything to break 3ghz though, huh? :P


I'm perfectly stable at 255x11 (2800) on stock volts, and for right now, that's a happy point for me. My Geil One is on order and should be here before the weekend, at which point I plan to test 10x and maybe even 9x if I can get the ram to 320 or so.


I'm pretty sure I'll be at 1.450v or lower for a good while though. Maybe WC will come at christmas. :)

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