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Lite-on Dvd-rom

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G'day well I'm back with that trusty can of White Knight SUPER chrome spray again after becoming increasingly annoyed with the DVD-rom's garish beige appearance in my Silver Centurion... what is one to do? :rolleyes:




So here's the end result...




Here it is compared to the (modded) FDD which has it's own thread located HERE now while I didn't replace the LED with an ultra blue variant as I did with the FDD project I still feel the effect was pretty good... note the use of a black permanent marker on the volume control wheel ;)



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Thanks guys... I figure @ this rate I may even get a window or exhaust port mod done by the time I pick up the s939 mobo/cpu :lol:


Oh... I'm still trying to track down a (silver) Musketeer2 (when I get motivated :P)


I :wub: White Knight SUPER chrome! :P:lol:

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