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I have installed MSN messanger for IM and video chat, but the thing is, video chat uses way too much CPU or something else, My CPU usage goes to 100% and stays there, never moves down.. And it takes like 3 hrs to start a new program like notepad or something, and most of the time programs freeze..


My computer information is listed below:


CPU: 2.66GHZ

ram: 512MB

OS: Windows XP w/ SP2


It should not lagg like it is..


My freind has 2.82GHZ or something around there, its darn close to 2.66GHZ but the weird thing is, when he does video chat his processor speed is 2 or 3%, and he runs a Pentium D processor, i run a Pentium 4 processor..


Is there something wrong with my computer, is there a program to fix this major lagg, is there a patch or something?


I like msn messanger and all but the video chat is super laggy, and AIM, Eyeball chat, Yahoo messanger does not have those problems..


AIM has some problems but other then that it atleast supports video messanging, i looked at my XP book and it showed windows messanger with 2 ppl video messanging, it seems that there computers are far more slower then mine, they have no programs on it or wht not. The thing is i tried it with no programs installed on my computer but yet i still had major lagg.. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a way to fix it??


NOTE: alot of people use trillian, DO NOT reccommend trillian, i tried it, with video messanging it does the same thing as MSN but 100000 times worse

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no, its not the camera drivers i have the latest, and if i remove my cam the CPU lowers but it still is laggy as anything..




EDIT: Monday, November 7th 2005




I just found out, its not the camera, and maybe not the CPU, and maybe not the memory, my buddy had this problem before, You cant open anything when in MSN video chat, the only thing i can open is IE and that opens in a flash, if i try opening My computer it takes like 3 min to open and when it does there is no flashlight ( which means searching), THUS that means there is another problem causing this, cause if the computer has 100% CPU and / or the memory usage is high it would show a flashlight..... so thats my theory, my freind fixed it by reformating untill it stoped doing that, i am not reformating, i just did the other week ( because of my other problem, i did a system repair and my system chache was messed and errors everywhere so... but thats not the topic here :bah: )... if you had this problem please tell me how to fix it, i could use all help..

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