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Amd 64 X2 5000+ & Fx-60

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"AMD FX-60s found In the wild"




"AMD has been sending out the FX-60 chips, dual cores that clock at 2.6GHz"


i'm not sure if the Inq mistakenly wrote that or not. i thought the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ was expected to run at 2.6Ghz (and have 2 cores ofcourse, hence the X2), and the FX-60 was expected to be a single core running at 3.0Ghz.


so i guess it turns out that the FX-57 was the last of the single core FX processors and the rest of the FX line will be dual core processors. :unsure:

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the 4800+  es I've got will do that too :) 

btw my fx-60es is confirmed to be here by next week.


for the sake of your NDA, dont tell us about it :lol:

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