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Xp-m 2500+ And Nf7-s V.2


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Well im sure me posting new topics is somehow wrong, if so please tell me. Cooling is an issue for me (hence why i bought all these case fans) but I dont care about my temps being as low as you guys like em. So me going out and buying a $50+ heatsink isnt my biggest concern (i dont mind if the cpu is at 65C at full load). So lets see how far i can push this. I added what my ram is and thats actually whats giving me as much heartache as anything else. I bought this ram thinking it would be very awesome (its supposed to be capable of 2-3-2-6 timings). When i go into my bios and change my ram settings from anything except optimal my computer wont boot. As far as Vcore, how far can i really push that (keeping in mind i will keep my full load temps to >70C). PCWizard says my cpu can handle 3.3v, but i've read you dont really want to go over 1.9V, any input? And when i put my FSB anywhere above 200 windows barely even loads, nevermind running prime95 or superPI.

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