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Selling My Rig


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I am selling off my gaming rig for money. Parts are listed as follows:



Lian Li V SILENT PC-V1100 Silver Computer Case



Retails at newegg for $225, ill let it go for $185.

Excellent case, loved it, just dont have the money to keep it.



Rosewill 500W ATX PSU



Retails for $50 at Newegg

PSU looks great in my case, nice and shiny, has plenty of connectors for everything, not sure on how stable it is for OCing, because i never overclocked any of these parts.


Selling for $35.



Cheapie mobo from newegg.

Not sure what kind it is, brand or anything.

It is a Socket 478, has onboard lan and audio, doesnt have onboard video, has an agp 8x/4x slot, and pci slots.


Will sell for $20, has always been reliable and great to me.



P4 2.4c


Cant find it on newegg, but it has hyperthreading, an 800 mhz FSB if you couldnt tell from the title, and has never been overclocked.

$100, negotiable.

Sound Card:

Audigy 2 ZS


Sells for $70 on newegg, ill sell it for $40. Works great.




1 gig of ram, 1 512 and 2 sticks of 256, no idea what brand (probably off brand)

No idea how much i should charge, so offer me a reasonable price.


Hard drives


2 74 gig Raptors


Newegg sells them for about $160 each. Ill sell them for $130 each, or $220 for the set.


1 60 gig hd (i think its a maxtor, not sure)


An 80 gig goes for $50 on newegg, of course they have no 60 gigs for sale, so ill sell it for $40.


1 40 gig hd, no idea what brand.

Ill sell it for $30.

The raptors will come with their sata cables.

If you want the ide cables with the hard drives, just say so. Ive got extras.


I dont have the computer right now to see what the brands are or anything, my gf is using it as her computer died. Her computer is on its way right now, so i should have this computer back in a week. I Will sell this system as a complete system if someone wants it, $600. I am negotiable on prices for any of these parts, so just offer me a price. Email me at [email protected], i wont always get to my PM's here.

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