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Win64 -asus- No Internet Connection


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Haven't really posted a lot on these forums, love them though. Anyway here's my story. Just bought a brand new system, self built.


Asus K8N-E Deluxe mobo

2 Gigs 3200 generic brand ram

1 WD SATA Raptor 36gig hdd

Old ATI 9250 256mb agp

AMD Sempron 64 3000+


Installed the 64 WinXpPro, after that, try making an internet connection via "Create new connection" under the Network connections. I'm sure I have all the information correct. :blink:


Tried using a 3Com NiC Card also tried using the Asus' onboard, still can't make a connection..


I noticed that when I tell it to make a new connection it won't save the connection file at all (It's supposed to save it under network connections)

Also- Device Manager DOESNT List my 3com nic card under the devices (It's a Pci); however it does list the 1394 firewire under my network connections >.< :huh:


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Edits - Tried downloading the new drivers for the system, those didn't work.

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