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Choosing An Lcd Monitor

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high rez @ high refresh, small pixel pitch... i'd suggest looking for these... high rez makes working with graphics a lot easier as you have more effective workspace, high refresh at these high resolutions is something i'd consider a pro-spec because consumer-level monitors aren't designed for such resolutions even though they may support them (they'll just support them at 60Hz or so)

monitors that can support it's highest resolution at high refresh pretty much always have more signal bandwidth which translates to better image quality because the signal doesn't degrade

i'd look to reviews to get an idea on colour reproduction although there isn't too much variation on the higher spec crt's, more of a double-check than anything...

might be useful to search for this on ebay in either the monitors, monitors-crts, or monitors-flatscreencrts: (new, bnib, bn) (21, 22, 23, 24, 25)

i found a lot of the sellers on ebay.co.uk were actually a bricks-and-mortar shop in the uk that was just using ebay to sell and kinda advertise... there are of course many places that will have amazing deals on large high-quality crts... it's just somewhat of a pain to find them ;)

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For LCDs, youw ant to look at response time, contrast ratios, and make sure it is an 8-bit (or higher) not a 6-bit display. The latter are common in low response time LCDs and color quality suffers because of it.

Also, read some reviews, they will tell far more than a specs list can.

[quote name='ClayMeow' date='Oct 28 2005, 08:11 PM']o man, that does sound like a good deal, but too bad there's only 21 hrs left and i didn't have a chance to verify that woman would be fine with a crt, and she left for the day.  Maybe the buyer has more he's putting up though.  I'll have to check next week.  Thanks.

what are those "pro-specs" though?

Look up dell P1130. You will find specs.

I'm seriously cosidering getting one of those. Thats a 130KHz monitor, should do 1600x1200 @ 100Hz.

I have a slightly inferor Sony model that I paid twice as much for in 2002, still an incredible monitor.

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