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Back With A Purpose

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Long time no see eh? If anyone does remember who I am itll be a surprise. I havent really messed with my comp in the past year or so but I have suddenly got a new interest. I read on my the klov forums that kmart clearanced the psone screens so yesterday a friend and I drove around. Of course they were all sold out butttt I decided i will get one off ebay.


The purpose you ask? I plan on making a itx pc for about 300. I have an extra hd lying around but I want to try using a 1 gig cf card connected to the ide channel. Then of course I would mount the psone screen in the side of the case and see if I can run linux with it. (I say hope because I want to use composite video for the signal and most nvidia cards don't have that. also I do not know if I will be able to get the screen to even display with linux because to get it to run in windows you have to pull a trick or so I have read)


Anyhow that means I might actualy be posting again although now that I am a bit older and am missing with things like linux (gentoo on my laptop), c++ (hoping to learn how to apply what I know to games via making a prototype on an older well documented engine, and being a senior doesn't leave me with much time compared to the past)


Anyhow hullo all!

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