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32 Mb V-card

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Poeple still use 32mb video cards????? hek, even my onboard video will beat that....


Ontopic: a radeon 7000 or 9000 should do it


or a Nvidia MX4000

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EXCUSE THE MORON, I MEANT ANY GAME I'VE GOT :) NFS underground does fine for me. I don't play really "big" games like doom, or anything. I meant, it'll take anything I can afford to throw at it (lOL). But never mind, I've got everything handled here...I'll be playing NFS in no time 8)


EDIT: the one that oralpain recommended (this should do OK) is out of stock. will the rosewill (the one he said he had before) work? What about the ATI? The game requires 32mb Vram and a GEforce 2 or better. I'm hoping the rosewill will cut it?

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