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Flock Browser Screenshots


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I just posted some screenshots of the new Flock Browser, which is based on Firefox 1.0+.


Screenshots are here: http://my.opera.com/d3bruts1d/albums/



Kind of funny that I hosted them on Opera's photo album, eh? :P


Other links:

My Blog Post
Digg the screenshots
Flock Discussion in the Opera forums




Updated the link and added other links. ;)

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Link doesn't work for me either.


Nope.  Copy/paste no go.



Make sure you are copying and pasting only the URL and not the added OCC junk.


If you are trying to right click on the link, and selecting copy link (or whatever) then it probably will not work, because you are copying OCC's redirect script as well.


The best way to copy it, is to just highlight the URL and hit Ctrl + C. That way you only get what is needed.


Also.... Opera users can download and install the Opera UserJS Script found here which will remove OCC's redirct script. ;)

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