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Need To Sell Alot More...


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Im selling this stuff.




Also I got tons of swagage from newegg car licenese plate thingys to a newegg coffee cup, tshirts amd, newegg.


Anyone wana buy a AMP.


1200 watt Infinity retails for like $389 I barley used it... Asking probley around $300 for it....


a Pentium 4 systems 1.4ghz, Make a good addition to a folding army.. Ill sell it for $150


I got a HP lazer printer L6 I belive a very nice sturdy printer with almost full toner I will sell for $100..


I also got 1gig of DDR2 BRAND NEW Corsair dual channel PC3200 must sell for $80 NO LESS..


Might be selling my Sharp mini DV digital camcorder too. I dont know yet... I might keep it...


Ill keep people updated on stuff... I gotta get some money...

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