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Watercooling / Asetek Waterchill

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Little bit of info so this makes more sense (skip to the bottom if you're impatient): I decided to upgrade my PC and OC the hell out of it instead of buying an Xbox 360 and a game. Mostly because Oblivion (the only game I really wanted) is coming out for PC too. Woohoo! I plan to spend $200 on a PSU and mobo.

Antec Smartpower 2.0 500W


The way I see it, I can use both the PSU and watercooling for my next PC, so I'm only "losing" $140. I already checked the prices on the mobo and PSU and they are the absolute lowest I could find including shipping.


I am giving serious consideration to buying an Asetek Waterchill (CPU, VGA, NB) with dual 120mm fan radiator. link


I've read quite a few reviews of different kits and, from what I understand, this is a pretty good setup. But now I'm starting to think it's not such a good idea. Yeah, I know I can make a better custom setup. But can I do it for under $300 shipped? ...and then there's the fact that I still don't know which parts (waterblock, pump, etc) to choose even after reading tons of forum topics about the same thing.


Random question: should I even bother with a chipset cooler? is that little HSF enough?


For the impatient people:

I want to build a watercooling system for under $300. Please help me. :D

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