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Fs: Pentium M 1.4ghz

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For sale is one Pentium M processor. Speed is 1.4GHz. It came out of my Dell D600 notebook.


I'm pretty sure that something is wrong with this proc because during operation, the temp would rise to 95 degrees celsius. The laptop would still run stable, and nothing melted, but the temp sensor showed an extremelly high temp. Running at idle a 1.4GHz I think it stayed at 45-50 degrees, and idle at it's lowest speed of 600MHz, it was 35-40 degrees.


I have absolutely no idea why it was doing this, but it has since been replaced by an identical processor that seems to run fine. Never gets above 60 degrees.


So anyways, here's a proc that probably has something wrong with it in the way of overheating, or it may be some type of faulty sensors, but I don't know.


I offer no warranty or guarantee. The proc seemed to be working fine in my notebook, with the exception of the temp readings. Physically it's in good condition too. No bent or broken pins.


Here is what is says on the label:


7324A072 SL6F8

RH80535 1400/1M


Make me an offer.

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