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Aggressive Drivers *rant

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What drives me crazy is when someone passes you and then turns off at the next corner. WTF? Couldn't wait the additional 3.94 seconds it would take you to get there by staying behind me? And then you forced me to slow down :angry:


lol...yeah...how about the ones that honk at you for not going BEFORE the light turns green? :smack:


that kind of thing makes me want to "not notice" when the light changes...until it turns yellow. :lol:


I AM that driver you're complaining about Mr. Yuck... I drive hard and fast. I also happen to believe in something Lee Iococa said once (he's a ford and dodge man smile.gif ... I like him)... LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET THE HECK OUT OF THE WAY.


and today I did just that. I came up behind some douchebag who was sitting staring at a green light.... we're talking green for 10 seconds and no movement. his little neo just vanished below the hood of my truck... hint hint, when the sun is blotted out of your rear window MOVE. and then he ignores the horn! took me leaning out the window yelling "learn to drive !#%$#@$%^" before he moved

are you the type that 94camaro talks about? Not that I like your type of driver, but I dont hate them. :P


I try to think from the "idiot's" perspective, maybe they are having a really hard day, maybe they are a new driver, maybe they have car trouble, maybe they're lost, and maybe they're stupid, but that's only one of the options...


I tend not to sympathize with the "maniac" the guy that passes you then cuts in front of you and stops to make his left turn....he's either lost or stupid, 50/50 chance of each.


For some reason, I am reminded of the bumper sticker: "dont tailgate me or I will flick a booger on your windshield"


unfortunately, I dont have good aim.

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California is the car captial of the world.


The DMV isn't gonna give a rats butt if you think someone is driving too fast. Most they'd do is have an officer drive in the path of his way to work or something to watch him.


Sorry to be blunt but its true.


and i would have done the same thing if i honestly felt you were driving to slow, or being over sensitive and pushing the brakes to slow down in the middle of a highway and such.

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for the record, it was the car in front of me going slow, I was just keeping a safe distance from it trying to "will" it into turning off, and this pickup truck driver decides to take over and try to FORCE it into turning off.


of course just ahead was a school bus, so the guy wasnt gonna get much further.

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