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Fs: X800xt Aiw Agp

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My buyer never contacted me again, so I'm relisting this card. I have the remote wonder, RW receiver, and all of the breakout boxes. Card was OC'ed once to determine max capabilities. 525 core, 600 mem. This card is only a few months old. Works great.


I'm asking $270 shipped. (shipped to US only).


DFI LanParty NF2 Ultra Rev. B up for sale. I have the frontX bay device, and the mobo w/ original boxes. Make me an offer.


AthlonXP-M 2600 for sale. Chip is about a year old. Will OC to 2.6GHz stable on water. Make me an offer.


Thermaltake Bigwater CPU and GPU blocks. I don't have any mounting hardware for these except for a socket A bracket for the CPU block. Both blocks are in good shape. CPU block does not have the LED. Also have the pump/res, but it has a slight leak somewhere that shouldn't be hard to fix. Make me an offer.

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