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1100 Watt Power Supply

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Im pretty sure if you have a Fx-57, 7800Gts in Sli, high end sound card, 15 SCSI or SATA HD in raid, 6-8 DVD Burners, muiltiple PCI expansion cards for Video editing and other gadets, 10-15 Case fans maybe vantec tornados, and alot of UV lights and other mods that use electricity, and maybe even water cooling, then this PSU would be ok, maybe youd have 400 watts or so unused, but you get my point its possible to need this for a PC, if you have alot of money.


now why ud have 6-8 DVD burners I don't know :P :P :P duh Ill play dumb.

youd also need a mamoth Full tower case for this, if not build one.



(waits for reply from KB)

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A very large Power Supply indeed. This bad boy is geared towards users with near server class parts. However, MultiProc Servers usually use Redunadant Minirack Powersupples in pairs of 2. As they balance the load amongst the 2, and if one fails, the other takes on the full load until a replacement is hot-swapped. Even with the high reliability of a PC Power unit, go with redundants on a server.

As for this 1 KiloWatt PS, it's a bit different than the 850 SLI. The 1 KW has 3 x 12 volt rails of 2 x being in the split of the 3rd rail. The 850 SLI has 4 x 12 volt rails.

Normally, the more power your powersupply has to offer, the cooler components will be as they won't have to compete for power. But once you get into the +600 watt level, it's like an amplifier, you actually have to use a certain percentage of the power or risk fluctuating voltage. For example, an 850 SLI from PCPower must have atleast a constant 300Watt draw on it to run properely.

This 1 kw unit will require more.

So if you have a power hungry CPU, lots of memory, +10 Hard Drives (atleast 200GB each), and a +6800 or 7800 or two, and several case fans; then yes, you can consider this PS.

But for an average system, I wouldn't recommend it. Try the PC Power 510 SLI if you want a PC Power one. The Antec TrueControl II 550 are pretty good, or an OCZ, or Enermax EG565P for Enermax Fans.

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