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The Real Difference Between Libs And Conservatives

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the one thing it flaws is that, if that were MY family, I wouldn't have them in a dark back alley on the bad side of town to begin with, as too avoid any confrontation with a knife-wielding murderer. (good analogy for my foreign policy when I run for president  :lol: )




No the problem with that is that you associate the knife-wielding murderer with first being from a "dark back alley" "on the bad side of town". I'm also guessing your image of him is uneducated, low-income, and a minority. With that idea, you'll find yourself being stabbed in the back by your stockbroker while you aim your six-shooter at the thug in front of you. Poetic isn't it.

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well you went a little deeper into that than I was wanting, but good point.  Though, per capita, violent crimes among minorities is higher than among white people, that doesn't negate the fact that there are still some crappy white people out there.  Statistically speaking, if this were a large town, the person in the back alley on the bad side of town wielding the knife would be a black man, but that doesn't have anything to do with it.  If the story were "An angry stock broker comes around the conrer wielding a knife spouting off obsenities at you..." then I would still cap his butt.  I do, however, congratulate you for adding to the original topic. That was one of the most meaningful posts made here in the past few days. 





Thanks. I am one of those people who think that being a liberal, conservitive, republican, democrat, anti-, pro-, doesn't make you wrong. I view it as chosing chocolate over vanilla. I always value people's opinions as what they are, opinions.


Statistics will bite you in the butt just like ignoring them will. Profiling is short-sided but not using them at all is just naive. Look everywhere but keep one eye on where the danger will most likely come from.



Well, good luck on your break and I'll be here to debate when you get back.

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wait Lo, you said there might be a penis fight?




LOL Haven't you been watching? Lo's trying to use his to smack down everyone else's. :lol: It's hilarious!


I can see the news now ... "Multiple forum members admitted to hospital with fractured and bruised peckers ... Details at 6"

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