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Soltek Sl-k8t Pro

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Has anyone used it? Is it stable? Efficient?


It seems to be a good board for the price from the reviews, only one DOA (if you can call it that... "I plugged it in and saw a small spark."), and some reports of it being a great overclocker.


So, am I falling victim to another clever marketing scheme with purdy colors, or is this a good board?

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poor layout. especially the IDE ports.



I'd suggest getting a cheap AGP board for now and moving to a more expensive one with PCI express in the near future. no sense in just tossing away a higher end board so soon.


these are all better options that actually cost LESS.












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i consider the layout soso, but really, the board sucks when you factor in the boards you can get for less money.


For that kind of money you could go with one of these


and get LanParty style performance. I know i LOVE my new Infinity board, ugly as ., but i love it :lol:


and considerign the cost of AGP vs PCI-e i would just go PCI-e now if your buying a video card aswell, I dont remember what you have now, but unless it's a pretty good card i say why not move on up in the world :D


Sticking with AGP i would prob go for the MSI board bigred linked to.


anyway good luck, and yes im partial to DFI/MSI/Gigabyte...mainly bc i liek their boards especialyl when they perform better for less $$$


Oh and i have yet to have a board with a VIA chipset that OCed worth a dang over its top rated speed, heck the 3.0c cant even hit 3.05 with this POS thing VIA calls a 800fsb chipset, it's not even real stable at stock....

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