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Psu Sleeving Experience

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Well, I asked for some info about sleeving, tools, and UV ccfl's here a while ago. I figured I might as well post the results :)


I ordered the CaseArts 4 piece kit of tools (found here). I also ordered two logisys UV ccfl's, a vantec sleeving kit (UV green), and full set of UV green PSU connectors. I swapped the whole setup last night in about 3-4 hours.


I started by doing the 20pin connector. I figured that'd be the worst of it, so I might as well get it over with :P I started with the tool I bought, and I was almost immediately very angry :) I thought it was junk, and quickly tried to use a few bent staples instead :) Then, when that didn't work, I realized I could move the wire around and get the inside part of the clip to be in place for the tool to work. After that, it wasn't too bad at all. The tool was pretty handy. Here's a few pics:


ATX Connector removed, wires labelled:



New green UV 20 pin connector installed:



Next I did the 6 pin aux connector, and it went pretty well, except for one of the six wires, which simply would not come out. The tool worked very well on the other five though. Luckily, I was replacing the connector, so I just ruined it and installed the new one :P


The four pin ATX connector used the same tool as the 20pin, and that went very smoothly. The SATA connector was easy, and I just used a set of tweezers to rock the clip forward and the wires slid right out, then back in with ease.


Now, all that was left was the molex/floppy lines. These were tricky because you had to feed the sleeve over then pull the rest through in order to get all the "sections" covered. At first, I couldn't wrap my mind around how to cover the section closest to the PSU housing, but once I dove in, it all made sense. The molex remover (looks like a syringe) worked perfectly. The last tool (floppy connector) also worked great, but at first I didn't think so. The connector came off without a problem, but as I was trying to put it back on, none of the wires were "snapping in". They would slide right back out if I didn't hold them there. That was no good. I finally realized I needed to bend the clips back up before inserting them, and they locked in just fine from there.


Like I said, it took about 3-4 hours from start to finish, and that's for a smaller PSU that doesn't have as many lines as my main rig does. I did realize that it'd probably help to melt the cut ends of the sleeving so they don't fray during all the manipulation. I was worried that this would make it harder to expand the ends to fit the wires through, but seeing how much it would help at the end, I think I'll try it next time. There was a lot of labelling and taping involved, as shown by all the discarded masking tape seen in my circular file here:



Here's a before and after pic:




And here's a few pics of a "mock up" install with a few blue fans, the two logisys UV ccfl's, a Unisys green UV IDE cable, and an old Asus KR7A/Palamino 1400+ combo :P




I'm pretty happy with it. Hopefully someone gets some info out of this, as I didn't have too much luck finding threads about sleeving.

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i have the caseart tool set too... it took me a WHILE to learn the knack of how to get the pins out in a second...


you have to push the wires up into the connector and THEN use the tool by pushing it in and kinda wiggling it slightly side to side and then you feel it click and then pull the wire... the atx mobo connector is by FAR the most painstaking part of this... even doing surgery on a molded rubber sata connector was easier!!!


when i got my dfi mobo i had to RE-DO the atx connector to mod it BACK to 24pin!!! lol... luckily i remembered the knack so it was a LOT easier this time...


here's my (short) thread: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/?showtopic=40066


i only put the uv ccfl's in about a week ago and have yet to take any pics (oc-ing has taken priority lately lol)


looks good man! :)

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Very nice sleeving job!  Did you have to open the PSU at all to get the sleeving to go into the opening of the PSU (for a nice finish)?


Yeah, the top of the PSU (with the fan attached) came off with four screws, which was very easy. Then I just unplugged the little 2 pin fan power connector so I could set the top aside.


I did have a problem where the old hole that the wires fed through wasn't big enough to fit it all with the sleeving in place. I ended up not using the plastic grommet (sp?, little protector ring), and then they all fit. I was worried about this because if the edges of the metal are sharp, they can cut the sleeving, and maybe even cut enough to eventually short the wires. I checked the metal though, and it was very well rounded, so I figured it'd be fine.


As far as all the feedback.... Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Like I said, this was fairly time consuming, but actually pretty fun, and definately worth it IMO.

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