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Which Nvidia Card Maker Is Better?

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Guest FxXP

Well cheapest doesn't mean the best either. I wouldn't touch XFX for one primary reason: It's a Pine company. Pine makes the cheap of the cheap, and when it comes to cheap, there can be build quality problems. When I was a system builder, I touched just about every brand for Nvidia 6x00 cards on the market. That included eVGA, MSI, Asus, XFX, Gigabyte, BFG and Gainward.


As for brands, I came across cooling problems with these: BFG and MSI.

For top stability per price, it was these: eVGA and Gigabyte.

For build construction, I hated these: XFX and Asus. I had a couple of buzzing fans right off the bat with these cards, but nothing couldn't be fixed (either the sticker came off and got stuck in the fan blades or the bearings were shot or DOA.


The XFX just feels "cheap" to me and I don't like their cooling strategy. The place I use to work carried a ton of them, but they barely sold as people that were buying video cards usually did their research.


Let me put it in another aspect: Would you buy a Pine/XFX motherboard? :closedeyes:

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i would suggest bfg, i know i am a little biased seeing as how my current card is a bfg, but dang. also the early benched pitting 2 slied 7800gt vs 2 slied 7800gtx showeed the same results, has this changed with the new drivers? if not save a couple $ and go 2x7800gt


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XFX is fine if you're not an idiot. The ONLY issues I've heard of them having is people messing with the stock cooling, or not plugging in the extra molex connector.


Mind elaborating on why "OMG NEWEGG SUCKS"?



Nothing personal, its just that I find their prices (and the fact that they make you pay for shipping) compared to zipzoomfly. I generally get my stuff from zipzoomfly, xoxide, ebay, and newegg.

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