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Bad Pool Header?

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sometimes when i turn on my computer i get an error: BAD_POOL_HEADER. when this happens it comes up with the blue screen and "dumps the physical memory to disk". what does that mean? how can i stop it? windows says its because of a device drvier, but i havent installed one to recently.

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your RAM may be dying, or it's a corrupt SP2 install.


First take your RAM out one by one and run them single channel. boot the computer up with one stick at a time, and whichever stick it doesn't give you the error on is the good one; trash the other stick.


If that doesn't work, go into safe mode (if it'll let you) and uninstall SP2. Then reinstall it.


If that doesn't work... it may be reformat time. If it gives you the error after you reformat, it may be your video card... I hate Winblows' generic error messages. A single message could apply to 15 different problems. Why can't they just have one that says "Yo buddy your RAM is dying"

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