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I Need A New Mb What Should I Get

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i know most of you are thinking what the hell does he want a 478 board for and why isnt he using a amd. my old board was a chaintech it was killed in action while trying to overclock my cpu. hey im happy to say i hit 4.5 on a 3.2 till the socket turned into melted swiss cheese. im just looking for a new mb to replace my old one.


Im looking at an abit board


ABIT IC7-G MAXII Socket 478 Intel 875P ATX Intel Motherboard



ive read that he fan goes out on the nb on this board no problem ill just steal the one of my chaintech board.


ive also looked at


ASUS P4P800-E DELUXE Socket 478 Intel 865PE ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail



but this seems to be pleged with many problems.


im looking more at the abit board, i can live with the nb fan problem but i wanted to see if you guys had any other boards in mind. im not close minded about any board, i would like to know what kind of board would fit my setup the best.


just play a few games eq2, bf1942, cod, and alot of old games. ive just recently started overclocking the cpu but i think im going to give that one up.



case lian li v2000b

psu themaltake 560w

cpu 3.2 (478)

mb ????? (atx)

ram cosair xms 3200 2 gig duel channel

video gigabyte x800xt flashed to plat.

sound sound blaster audigy 2 plat. pro

cd rom cant remember

dvd cant remember cd/dvd burner

hd 160 gig wd sata

320 gig wd sata

all cooled by dd water cooling

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Looks like a decent system... ummm...


Newegg has about 20 s478 boards for sale, here's the least expensive 5 star rated one:


MSI 865G Neo2-PLS


EDIT: Bah, didn't notice the card. This is the only other s478 board there, but with a better rating then the other one.


I have the same board but the platinum edition WICKED BOARDS i was able to take my P4 2.0a upto 3.6GHz on air :D


But anyway as for the boards you listed the Max 2 is the best out of the two :)

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hey thanks for the info everyone. think im going to go with the abit board. i tried to look for a dfi board but newegg :D and tigerdirect :( dont have dfi boards that are 478's. i thought about an msi board but i think the abit will do just fine.


edit: went with the abit board but i would like to replace the NB fan with a water cooling block. any thought of what i should get. curent system is all 1/2 danger den stuff. i would like something to match.

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