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Peltier On The Reservoir

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heres a weird question. was just thinking today i have a lot of time during work.

ive got a duel 5.25 bay reservoir and was thinking. could you put a peltier on the bottom for the res. 1 would it do anything. 2 what would it do to my res its made out of cast acrylic. 3 if it worked would i have to put a water block on the back of it to cool it down. 4 lets say its a perfect world and it worked what size would you get and would it actualy cool the water down fast enough before the pump sucked the water back out of the res.


i dont know that was my thought of the day. as you can see i get very board at work. someone let me know if this could actualy work. i think it could i may give it a try in a few weeks.

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This has been discussed on here before. Short answer: Not gonna work.


Check this thread out, dude.

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