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Dfi Lanparty Ut Ultra-d Boot Up Troubles

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Hey, ive just finished my computer:


AMD 64 939 3500

DFI LanParty UT Ultra-D

Sapphire X800GT 128mb

1GB Ram

1 IDE Hard Drive

1 Sata Hard Drive


But when i try to boot it, the diagnostic lights on the Mobo light up until they get to the VGA LED they dont move past there and my screen turns on fine but just displays the LanParty logo, i cant press delete or go to the bios or anything. Also sometimes the CPU fan powers off while in this stage, PLEASE HELP ME!


also it does not make any beeping sounds at start up

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i had a dfi board p4 that had the same problem. first make sure your cpu is seated right. second just plug in the the bare minimum ( cd rom, hd with os, cpu, ram and video card). mine i found out had problems with the sound card trying to boot up the first time. boot it up the first time then shut i down and install the sound card. i hope this helps.

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shift the speaker jumper to ON... it's off by default... see if you get any beeps... i got ram and vid card stopping mine booting...


try one stick in slot #2 only...


that stupid chipset heatsink barely lets a graphics card, with a silencer type heatsink, fit into the pci-e slot... without modification of course...


anyway, try the speaker thing... i'd plug the cpu fan into a molex-fan adaptor instead of the mobo if it's turning off...


then flash your bios as soon as you can, like before you install an OS... bios 623-3 is best for TCCD, 623-2* for BH-5/UTT, and 623-1 is a general all-rounder (i think it's the same as the official bios dated 6/23/05)



see the bottom of the first post for floppy and cd-rom bootable flashing tools and bioses...


* there are better, but the versions are similar to one that can totally fry your cpu .. 7-something... so i'll just not recommend it at all even if it's the best ever bios for utt/bh-5

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