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Mr Ham Cake

Microatx Cases

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Still working on my shopping list for my dream <$800 rig. So far I have found the GPU, PowerColor x800gt, and the CPU, 3000+ Venice skt 939. So heres what I want. A case that is smaller than my dell 2350(mid tower i think) and something i can carry to lans parties very easily. The one I found is a Aspire X-Qpack heres the link. http://aspireusa.net/product.php?pid=175&x...3a8ab34c2242333 i also need to know if a standard PS would fit insted of the no-name PS they put in w/ it. the mobo i want is MSI nforce 4 skt 939 microatx(does it excist?), but i have only found a ATI Xpress 200 similar to what i want. Would they be a difference? I won't be oc'in, the link for that is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813130485. SO if everyone can recommend something that'd be great. BTW, a shuttle wouldn't be too bad but idk if it fits my budget.


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