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What To Do? Raid? Sata? Sata2?


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I'm a little unsure what I need to effectivly store 30 ISO's @ 5 gigs each. I want to be able to burn DVD's with my HDD that is storing the ISO's while run windows and other . off my other 80 gig IDE hard drive so i can multi task with the burning and browsing pages, chatting whatever without causing the hard drive to skip and to screw up my dvd burn. From what i hear RAID 0 sounds like the best way to go, i dont know if im ready to "blow my whole wad" on the WD Raptors but i still want good performance, im pretty new to the HDD speed scene but ive been reading up on the forums and google i just want to see what people who know what they are talking about would do given my situation. Any help is appreciated, thanks !

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