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Relist Of My Watercooling Stuff

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since my thread kinda died out... here it is.


Brand new AMD TDX, used once to test, has all hardware needed to mount to a s939.

MCT-5, never used

DD single heatercore

DD heatercore shroud

BlackIce Extreme dual 120 (has 1 small hole that is easily fixable)

ViaAqua 1300 ( propeller is superglued to reduce noise( virtually silent)

5 1/4 bay res from DD (clear)


I also have a eheim 1250 pump. and also as soon as i find it a switchtech socket A 226w TEC waterblock, and a switchtech 80w? TEC block for ATi cards.


all parts on here are 1/2" expect for the 80w swifttech TEC block, that is 3/8", and i think i have 3/8 to 1/2 adapters laying around here somewhere.


Pic of blackice extreme II it has a tiny hole, but seems to be airtight right now it is near to top, just right of the center.






The only thing i dont have in the pic is the DD HC and the shroud for it. The little tube with the clear stuf is dielectric grease. None of the swifttech blocks have hardware, but the TDX has hardware with it.Also not pictured is MCT-5. in a quart size oil container(what it came in). PM with questions.

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Might want to double check the forum rules next time.


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