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Rma Cheat Sheet


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once again I'm forced to read post after post about someone having a tough time getting an RMA number from some company... and having dealt with EPSON today, I felt the urge to share some tricks with my friends here. simple yet effective tricks that can save you hours and a bottle of asprin when something goes wrong.



1: if you bougth it on the web, you are NOT required to send it back to the company you bought it from... silly to send it to newegg and have to play with thier idiocy. also manufacturers are more likely to "upgrade" for your troubles, and they get the chacne to take a look at problems to improve future products.


2: step away from the online RMA form.


3: get on the compay website, look for CONTACT INFO. this doesn't have to be RMA or tech supprot departments either. I find calling the corporate offices works even better in this case.


4: be polite but firm. you are thankful that the company is taking thier time to help you. let them know this. they'll work even harder to keep you happy.


5: have the serial number of your problem product on hand. they'll want it.


6: tell them the trouble shooting steps you went thru to determine the need for RMA. however do not tell them if you did something stupid that led to this problem. they tend not to be as helpful then.


7: YES you read the FAQ (lie if need be here), YES you have the recipt (you should always keep these on file)


8: write down who you talked with, write down the address they tell you to ship your item to, and most importantly get the RMA number correct.


9: thank the people on the phone. remind them that you're thankful for thier help. kissing thier behinds is a good thing.


10: ship insured... and NOT via UPS. UPS will not ship electroncics without you paying them to pack it... even if it IS broken to begin with. get a tracking number (some companies require it). also recomend not shipping via DHL (Destroyed Heaved or Lost).



if you need any help on specifics on companies please PM or IM I'd be glad to help out.

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also recomend not shipping via DHL (Destroyed Heaved or Lost).



Used their service once. Will NEVER use it again. Though I got a free case of Bawls out of it (finishing 48 bottles of Bawls in less than 2 weeks is a BAD idea....)

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good guide! RMAs usually are a LOT easier if you try than people make you think. I read marketing books and one of the biggest sales things is that your customer is NOT your enemy. You are helping them with your product. This is why you must convey a message to a customer instead of convincing them. They should be like your spouse.

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