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How The Hell?

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Sound like a wu that crashed on you. Folding got pretty hot and heavy in my humble abode but the Electric co decided for me about how many rigs i have running. I,m down to 3 for the summer but will bump it up after it cools down and goes back to winter rates. $450 a month for power got to be a bit to much.



I know what you mean mine was a little over $500.00, when I get my big rig back together and folding its going to be even higher.I got all my rigs updated last night some were not even folding I went to bed at 3:am I am going to try and get it back together today I hope but I also have to mow grass (6 acreas) I am still running 26 rigs, I was updating some of them upstairs had not been up dated in 74 days. It seems my ppd are already increasing!



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