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Temperature Sensors In Mbm5


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I've got an ASUS A7V8X MB and am using MBM5 to monitor CPU & MB temparatures, in the settings menu MBM shows there are 5 sensors,








I've worked out that Asus1 is the MB and Asus4 is the CPU can anyone tell me what the other 3 sensors are, the readings they give are as follows


Asus2 = 57C

Asus2(CUSL2) = 64C

Asus3 = 13C



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I have the same motherboard, and the same problem

asus 1: 37C

asus 2: 57C

asus 3: 12C


here is the story

first I started with a temp of about 57 in the bios and asus 2.

after I updated to bios version 1010, the bios took asus 1 which was 28.

I was thinking this was the case temperature instead of the cpu temp.

but motherboard monitor still reads the 57 for asus 2.

28C seems nice, but not realistic.

Then I looked through some more updates, and found then 1006 adjusted the calculations.

after that my temp was 37 in the bios and asus 1.

this is more realistic, but I'm still not sure it's the right temp.


My heatsink is to hot for the 28C. I also doubt it's 37, but that's hard to say because body temperature of fingertips is lower then the normal 37. it is warmer, but is difficult to tell how much.

I know think that 60C could hurt you, and a lot of the heat is transfered before it reaches the side, but I think the cpu temp could be around 57.


I have tried 3 times to ask asus what they were doing with the temps, but I got just 1 reply with a standard mail that they won't refund a broken board.



I have a duron 1.3GHz,

a volcano 7 at 4500rpm

I have lapped my heatsink which took off 4C

asus 1 = 37

asus 2 = 56

at full load.



maybe other peole who have similar product like a duron cpu or asus a7v8x mobo could post their temp and hardware so we can compare and find out that it should be like.



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I'm certain that Asus1 is the motherbord / northbridge temp, cos it's the same as the one reported in Asus Probe, mines around 40c, cos i'm using watercooling and have only 1 case fan. Asus4 should be the CPU, again Asus Probe shows CPU temp is the same as Asus4 in MBM.


Someone in another forum suggested that Asus3 is for the graphics card if it supports it and reads 12 or 13 if it's not supported, which could be true.


But Asus2 / Asus2(CUSL2) is a bit confusing but you have exactly the same reading as me Acid Storm, 57c, my Asus2(CUSL2) reads 64c, do u have the same? If so it could be another unsupported / unused sensor.


Have you got an asus4 sensor in MBM, Acid, if so that should be ur CPU. It's a bit worriying that changing the BIOS version changes ur temps, if i have time i might try the 1006 bios and see if I get similar results.

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