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1.5gb At 333 Better Than 1gb At 400?

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i found out after RMAing my sticks and getting tham back if i put all 3sitcks in (fills the 3 slots) it runs at 333, iv also noticed that i use the whole gig eveytime i do gaming, and of course video editing wil take any amout of ram you have.. so my question is should i just go with 1.5gb at 2.5-2-3-6 @ 333 or 1gb at 3-3-3-8? (yes corair sent me the wrong ram back GRRR, but atlest it works)


yes i know ther is a loss of speed but i dont notice it really but i wonder somthings.


and no i cant manual set it to 400, thats how it killed 2 sticks, for somereason 3sticks auto at 333 and setting to manual 400 frieds slots 1 & 3 :(

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