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Coolermaster Wc Kit

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i had a friend buy this:



im not too sure he made the right decision. he doesnt overclock, he just wants a quite computer. should i tell me hes a idiot or should i be nice :P


edit: whats all this thermo-electric stuff ive been seeing popping up?

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I read a review somewhere on it - they said it works pretty well for cooling they compared it to some 175 dollar swifteck kits but one comment was that it was kind of loud.


I would go with the evercool kit instead of that for a budget wc setup. Its similarly priced, but the pump is seperate from the wb which means you can get a new wb later. That kit has the pump/wb integrated so if you wanna upgrade you gotta get a new pump, new wb, and more tubing. With a more conventional kit you can just buy a better wb or whatever you want to improve :D


My REAL advice would be to just save a bit more and get a quality kit if you dont wanna make a setup yourself. The corsair cool is supposed to be a great pre built wc system for the money.

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