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Thinking About Building.

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Since college is coming soon, i'm wanting to build a gaming rig to take with me because the laptop isn't going to cut it. I don't know much about PC parts and i was wondering if any of you could help me out. I'm mainly wanting to game, and use it for some school work or chatting. I'm not interested in OC'ing.


I mainly need help on choosing a motherboard, processor, and recommendations on a power supply.



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heres what most (i think) would recomend:


mobo: DFI nf4 ultra-d

Proc : 3500 A64

Powersupply : OCZ modstream 520 (i froget it thats the right number)


Not the modstream(there is better for the money, think u ment the powerstream520) and not the dfi becuase he will not be overclocking...

Give us your budget and we shall recommend accordingly

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absolutely. the budget makes a difference on where to cut a corner and not loose much speed or power. and thats what you will want. speed and power with no compromise. (or little)


something to consider, where youre going to college. is it a large college? will there be lan-partys perhaps? whats the connection like in the rooms? DSL or cable? will you need to carry the thing?


with no OC'ing in mine you wont have a huge need for massive ventillation like some of us, making a smaller box more of a reality. and a smaller box makes a big difference in a college apartment/dorm room (or residence halls now i think they call it)


plan around what you have to work with and what you need. and be selective.

i suggest fully nVidia components.

a s939 and dual channel memory.

a very good and very stable power supply.


and a KICK BUTT SURGE PROTECTOR cause colleges are....well...unpredictable sometimes.

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For someone not interested in overclocking maybe not the DFI? Don't the DFI's have fiddly, very picky, rather frustrating BIOS options?



frustrating? :lol: nah. Only thing I found a little weird was the voltage selection.


Since no OCing, I'd get a mobo in the 80-100 range....maybe an asus (yes i said asus, leave me alone).

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