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I don't know all the specs off the top of my head for the parts below but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in any of them before I have to hual the computers home from work and dismantle them. Because if not I don't want to waste my time carring them all over the place.



4x Optical drives (I think one is a cd burner)

2x Beige 17in CRT monitors

3x Beige 1.44MB 3.5" Internal Floppy Drives

2x Pentium II's (375mhz and a 450mhz)

1x Pentium II motherboard

2x 64mb PC100 memory

1x Pentium I Processor with motherboard and memory (don't know specs)

2x Small hard drives I belive 4GBs

2x Powersupplys (don't know specs)

2x PCI Slot Video Cards

2x PCI Network Cards

1x Keyboard

1x Open Ball Mouse

1x 2 Piece Set Speakers

1x Pentium 4 Heatsink

1x Ultra X 20pin PSU Cable


If anyone is interested in these items please let me know and I will start hauling this stuff home. I will also be more than happy to take pictures of any items if you want me to. All parts come out of/off of working computers that I have up until recently just been using for spare parts on other rigs.

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Naw sorry the optical drives are all grey, white or beige from what I recall, but no black. As for the powersupplies they are both 235watts. I don't know the rails off the top of my head but I will check on them tomorrow and take a picture of all details.

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