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Chilly1 Phase Change Update

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Well, i said id get back ASAP as to the status of my OCIng of my 4000+ on the phase change, everything went well, i ended up with 3.2 stable at 1.85 vocre (1.775 true vcore). i kept the multi at 12 all the way up and ram was at 2.5-3-3-7 @ 2.85v.


i lost my OC spreadsheet in a bad windows crash :( so i cant post that sorry.


The PS hits -50 unloaded and tops out at about -35. it runs great and is quite quiet. Altho i did end up with some condensation issues, that killed my neo2, but all my other components are fine thank *insert diety here*. I just ordered a DFI NF3 to replace it so i can get more vcore out of it and hopefully a better OC. i also orderd an antec P180 which will be subject to many dremmel attacks to get the PS to work with it :D


i will hopefully update asap! and osrry abotu the lack of spreadsheet and pics :(

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