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P5wd2 Premium Overclocking?


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I'm completely new to OC'ing. I have the ASUS P5WD2 Premium mobo and an Intel 660 CPU. I would like to start OC'ing this thing since I got my new HSF yesterday, but I'm really confused about the BIOS options on this mobo and where to start to begin bumping up the FSB.


I already have the AI Overclocking set to manual so I could adjust the memory frequency to DDR2-800MHz. These are the settings I'm confused about:


CPU Lock Free (auto, disabled, or enabled)?

PCI Express Frequency (Auto or 90-150)?

PCI Clock Synchronization Mode (To CPU, 33.33MHz, or Auto)?

CPU Clock Spread Spectrum (Disabled or Enabled)?

PCIE Clock Spread Spectrum (Disabled or Enabled)?


Then there are these things under CPU Configuration:


Ratio CMOS Setting (default is 8)?

VID CMOS Setting (default is 62)?


TIA for any help!

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