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Hard Drive Not Found?

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ok heres the deal, im working on a friends system and i need to recover data from his hard drive

on his system, the drive reads that the ntfs format is corrupted


i plugged it into my computer to see if i cant get a look at whats left on the drive

windows shows the drive in the device manager as installed and working fine

however, when i open my computer, only my drives exist

what am i doing wrong?

ive already moved the jumper from slave to master and cable select with the same result


p.s. it is a seagate barracuda 40 gig running IDE that im trying to access


my drives run SATA but this shouldnt cause any conflict

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i dont know....but this always happens to my DVD-RW drive....i just reset a few times and it magically appears....odd....

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trust me, its been reset a few times <_<


i ran Seatools and everything passed except the NTFS format

can a corrupted format cause complete loss of use?


theres a ton of files i need to get off this thing

if it werent for that, i woulda ran killdisk and reformatted it along time ago





i gave up with trying to save anything on the drive


i ran Active Killdisk (2 passes) and attempted to install a fresh copy of xp... no luck

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