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Help Me With Choosing The Right Psu

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ok, my trusty codegen 400w PSU, blew last night. sys specs below:



AMD 3000+ venice o/c'd to 2.4ghz

g.skill 2x512 "le" 1:1

BBATI x800xl 256mb @ 432/549

2x 80 WD sata's


2 CCFL's


now i need something that will hold up really well. My budget is about $160 total.

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No, Modstreams are not in the same class of PSU as their Powerstream brethren, the rails are not nearly as stable. If you want a really good ATX 2.0 (24 pin) compatible PSU for around $150 I would suggest this Enermax. Very quiet, and it also has an active PFC (helps keeps temps and the power bill down).

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