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First Stage Of Upgrade - New Psu

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Well, the first stage of my summer upgrade plan has been put into action.

If I'm going A64 I wasn't sure if my current supply was up to the task

(CWT 450 - 20A on the 12v line), so I thought best to be safe and get something a bit beefier.


So I got myself one of these, as it had good reviews and I wanted something pretty quiet. At least one person on here has one as well, so it can't be bad :lol:



You can't make out the numbers very well after the resize, hehe. But its 28A/48A/28A on 3.3v/5v/12v respectively.




I'm impressed with the weight of it (it weighs alot!) and it seems to be a quality bit of kit.

Just have to stick it in my current rig to test it out now. Its going to be 'fun' hiding all those wires.


Oh, and a question.. because its a 24pin psu it has an adapter to make it 20pin. I have heard you can just not bother using the adapter and plug 20pin of the 24pin connector, which I would rather do if I can, because the adapter is ugly.

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If you have a 24-pin ATX connector on the PSU, but a 20-pin mobo connector, you can let the extra 4 pins on the connector "hang" off to the side. The ATX connector is keyed to prevent incorrect installation. Just make sure that the extra 4 pins are not in contact with components on the mobo.


Nice PSU choice. It is almost perfect out of the box. The only problem with the Tagan PSU is that the intake fan (80X15mm) is a sleeve bearing fan. Sleeve bearings are good for their overall noise acoustics, but horrible for reliability. I replaced the fans in mine with dual ball bearing fans.

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Guest Raven65

Never used 1 but hey how about a review on it when you get the rig up and running.

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Well, I got it into my case alright.

It took while to get it in there (actually took alot of work to get the old psu out what with all the reverse wire management involved.

So far I'm pretty pleased. Its virtually silent and was pretty nice to work with.

It doesn't exhaust alot of air, so I don't know how its gonna effect temps (its hot today so its hard to tell).


The Wire bundle is sort of a temporary solution, I'll be tidying that up later on.


The bottom half of the case looks pretty clean though. If dusty :lol:


Its gonna take some work to route all those wires properly.. will leave it till I get the rest of my new hardware.


When I saw it I thought the dedicated graphics connector was a bit gimmicky. Its actually pretty good and wasn't awkward at all, which is what I expected.


Haven't pushed the psu at all really, as I will need finish upgrading before I even approach loading it properly.

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