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Wtb: Socket A Mobos(3) And Ddr Ram

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Sup peeps,


Im currently looking to get some low priced stuff.

-2 non fancy socket A / 462 mobos. (1 for a duron900-M and 1 for a Athlon1.4)

-1 socket A / 462 mobo that could run my 2800+ Barton, and takes AGP &DDR400



-Some DDr ram. Doesnt need to be good timings/speed. (512mb /2700 & up thoe)


Im looking not to spend much on these so no pricey stuff!

Drop me a PM with info on what you got.


I have good recognition in the OCC community,

my heatware is enycek9 , my ebay is also enyce2k9.

nothing but positive feedbacks, so this should be nice and simple.


PS, im looking to pay by Paypal!.

Thanks for reading.

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