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Abit Kg7 Oc Problems


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I have recently unlocked my Athlon XP 2000, and have been playing with the multipliers. I would love to get my system to a 166 FSB, but no matter what I try I cannot go any higher than 145 without a BSOD and reboot on windows boot. I can post no problem at the higher bus settings, but I cannot boot to windows. I am using windows XP pro sp1 with all patches/updates, I am using the latest BIOS for my board, and my CPU temp hovers right around 40C, system around 36C. My system runs rock solid at 145x11.5. My voltages are as follows:





RAM timings are set to 16-8-8-2-2-2-1-1-1-2



I am using a stock AMD heatsink, the thermal tape has been removed and I am running arctic silver III. The chipset cooling is stock, and my RAM (which is pc2700) is crucial. Does anyone out there have any experience overclocking this board? I know that it has to be able to achieve at least a 160 FSB!! Help??

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