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Need Advice - Psu For My Nf3 250 Mobo

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Hi all:


I just bought my new DFI nf3 250 Mobo and Athlon XP64 3000+ Newcastle at newegg, but i'm strugglin with the PSU. I have a cheap one, but after reading some posts, this cheap PSU will not protect my components in case of something bad happen. I dont pretend to O/C with my equipment (yet!).


Can someone recommend a fair good PSU that supports my specs and will perform well?. By the way , my budget is not high (60$ its painful already). My complete specs will be:


Mobo Lanparty Nf3 250GB

AMD Athlon XP64 3000+ Processor

GeForce FX5200 Video card

2 hard drives (80 and 40GB)

1 CD drive

Sound Blaster Live Card





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