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Some Stuff

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Video Cards:

GeForce Fx5200 128MB with 50mm fan on Heatsink, and heatsinks on memory(same one as in my sig) $30 + $10 shipping

GeForce 2 MX200 64MB Has Heatsink but needs something to hold the heatsink on. $15 + $10 shipping



OLD AMD Athlon runs at 1200MHz I think, Might work might not, would be good for a keychain or something, Socket-A $15 + $5 shipping



2GB Quantum Fireball HDD 5200RPM IDE Formatted always good for a little backup

$10 + $5 Shipping(kinda heavy)


Sound Card:

Old PCI sound card works, but need to find drivers $5 + $5 shipping


Keyboard & Mouse:

Gateway Black and Silver Keyboard, Black Gateway Ball Mouse $10 + $10 Shipping



1 Rounded UV reactive IDE cable $2 shipped

1 Rounded UV reactive Floppy cable $2 shipped

1 SATA Cable $2 shhipped

1 4-Pin to 2 SATA Power connector $2 shipped


On the misc stuff they can be combined for $5 Combined


If you would like pics of any items or specs on any items please let me know.




post here with prices or pm me for questions about the products, shipping, or anythign else

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